Supportive therapies

Supportive therapies

Our bodies are constantly working to rebalance and heal themselves. Every second of every day there are millions of cells functioning and working hard to keep you well and alive.

Lyme disease interrupts that balance of cellular health and by the time we see many of our patients, they are often suffering from a multitude of health conditions. The immune system and detoxification pathways (kidneys, liver, GI tract, skin etc) struggle to cope and the body becomes more toxic leading to further illness and health complications.

We therefore offer our patients a number of detoxification and supportive therapies that gives the body and immune system a helping hand whilst the patient begins to heal and rebuild.

Some of our supportive therapies include:

  • Gastrointestinal (GI) tract support
  • Detoxification (including Glutathione treatment)
  • Multi-vitamin IV drips to support the immune system and digestive issues
  • Ozone therapy (10 Pass)
  • NAD+ via IV drip or capsule form

Our Lyme team can discuss the best options for your personal treatment plan. By combining treatment programmes and supportive therapies combining, it not only gets your body off to a good start, but also helps to rebalance your body’s normal cellular function.

If you are on one of our package treatment programmes (3weeks+) which includes in-clinic care, we can offer some of the above therapies within the personalised treatment programme we build for you at a reduced cost. This is something you can discuss with our Lyme team during your appointment.


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