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Our Partners – GLXG

The Global LymeXpert Group are a non-profit global partnership formed from some of the world’s leading experts in diagnosing and treating Lyme and other vector-borne diseases.

Their purpose is to collaborate on research, clinical trials and diagnosis in order to help further their global understanding on treatment and therapy of Lyme disease and its many health complications.

Mounting industry and scientific evidence is showing that tick and vector-borne diseases (also known as co-infections) are becoming widespread globally and, if left undiagnosed and untreated, pose a significant and long-term threat to human health.

GLXG know that in order to treat and ultimately find a cure for this disease, they need to unify and bring their expertise and resources together for the benefit of all.

Their global aim as a group is to:

  • Improve research, diagnostics and treatment
  • Increase awareness and recognition of tick-borne diseases
  • Unite global talent and medical professionals to work together
  • Open international dialogue on how to tackle this disease
  • Set the gold standard for effective diagnostics and treatment
  • Facilitate funding and support for researchers
  • Train medical practitioners on early identification and treatment methods

This organisation was founded by Dr Carsten Nicolaus, Medical Director of the BCA in collaboration with:

  • Dr Joshua Berkowitz: Medical Director of the Lyme Disease Clinic, London
  • Dr Radek Klubal: Medical Director of Medical Center Prague
  • Dr Mariano Bueno: Medical Director of Biosalud Day Hospital Madrid & Zaragoza

Their ethos is that ‘together we are stronger’ and the group is open to other like-minded doctors and practitioners to join and collaborate together.

Read the full press release here: Global LymeXpert Group launches

If you would like more information about the organisation visit:

Web: www.glxg.org

Email: info@glxg.org

Telephone: +44 (0)203 095 8005

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