Our Partners

Our Partners

Here at the Lyme Disease Clinic we work with a number of partner organisations and businesses that work within, or support the Lyme community worldwide.

We work in collaboration with these businesses and organisations sharing knowledge, diagnostics, Lyme protocols and supportive treatment programmes.

We are also members of a handful of Lyme organisations that are considered world leading in tick borne diseases and whose purpose is the improvement of patient lives around the world through a better understanding of this debilitating disease and its associated health conditions.


The Global LymeXpert Group are a non-profit global partnership formed from some of the world’s leading experts in diagnosing and treating Lyme and other vector-borne diseases.

Their purpose is to collaborate on research, clinical trials and diagnosis in order to help further their global understanding on treatment and therapy of Lyme disease and its many health complications. …

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International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS)

ILADS is a non-profit, international, multi-disciplinary medical society dedicated to the appropriate diagnosis and treatment of Lyme and associated diseases. …

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Here at the Lyme Disease Clinic, we use MakeWell products as part of the Lyme treatment protocol we prescribe patients.

Once we have diagnosed a patient, we will often prescribe the products as part of the treatment plan following the BCA-clinic method established by Dr Carsten Nicolaus. There is a bespoke range of products specifically developed to treat Lyme patients which over the years has seen a great deal of success with patients. …

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