Our treatment approach

Our treatment approach

Every patient that comes to us is unique. Each suffers from a multitude of symptoms that come and go throughout their illness with varying degrees of severity. Therefore, all our patients react to treatment, medication and therapy in a different way, at different times.

Our approach is to create a personalised treatment plan that is specific to the patient’s needs. We do not have a standardised treatment protocol that is offered to all Lyme patients.

Certainly, there are some common drugs, methods and approaches that we use across all patients that are diagnosed with Lyme and co-infections, but by taking a individualised approach, it means that we pay attention to what each patient tells us and what our diagnostic testing shows. This ensures that we devise a treatment plan that works, because it is personal.

In an age where so often patients do not feel heard by the medical community, we find that by simply listening to what our patients tell us, we gain incredible insight into how the disease is affecting them, and what drugs and treatment methods would best suit them.

We then combine this oral story with the latest research, diagnostics and treatments available to help our patients return to good health.

Our treatment programme is categorised into three main strands:

  • Conventional medical route
  • Natural or Alternative treatment route
  • or, a combination of both the Conventional and Alternative

The route that is chosen depends on the patient’s diagnosis, any health complications they may have, and their ability to tolerate various conventional medications or IV antibiotics.

To determine the correct route, each patient goes through detailed diagnostic testing involving both laboratory and in-clinic patient assessment in order to confirm a diagnosis.

The patient is then prescribed a personalised treatment plan that addresses their specific needs, whilst their ongoing progress is monitored over a number of weeks and months. Regular appointments and blood tests and specific intervals ensure that the Lyme team are able to constantly monitor medication dosages with the opportunity for the patient to feedback on their own observations throughout.

There is no single treatment or medication that cures Lyme disease. It is a combination of many different treatments that change over the course of a patient’s time with us in response to blood test results and anecdotal patient feedback that we receive as they improve.

Treating Lyme disease is a marathon, not a sprint, and we therefore place great importance on a good doctor/patient relationship where we are able to help support the patient with small adjustments to their treatment protocol along the way.


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