One of the challenges many of our patients have, is finding good and accurate information about their disease, symptoms, and most importantly how to diagnose, treat and return to a normal healthy lifestyle.

We have therefore compiled a list of information, events and resources to help and support patients on their journey to health as well to provide medical practitioners who may or may not be Lyme literate, find information they can refer to and trust.

This is also an area for new patients, who suspect they may have Lyme or another tick-borne disease but haven’t been formally diagnosed, to find accurate medical information that can support them in making a choice about the medical route they wish to take.

This area will be updated and develop over time as more news and information develops in what is, a growing area of research and understanding globally.

Our News

Our news, written by our Lyme team about the clinic, the work we do, and the diseases we treat.


A library of videos from past conferences and events to support patients and medical practitioners in understanding more about this disease.

Lyme disease fact sheets

Information about Lyme disease, its associated health conditions and much more.

Upcoming Events

A calendar of events we think you might be interested in.

Support groups

A list of support groups we know and have worked with that might be of interest and help to you.

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