Georgia Tuckey


Georgia Tuckey

Job title:

Registered Nurse

Georgia joined our Lyme team in late 2019 in order to support the growing number of patients that we see coming through our doors with tick borne diseases.

Her role within the clinic is incredibly varied, as diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease is complex and requires an in-depth knowledge and understanding about the number of symptoms that patients can experience, as well as the associated health conditions that many suffer from when the disease moves into its chronic or persistent phase.

Here at the clinic, Georgia is often one of the first people that patients meet as she guides them through their treatment journey. Once she has met the patient to discuss their symptoms and to obtain a comprehensive background of their history, she then supports the Lyme team in conducting the blood work to confirm diagnosis.

There are many treatment options for tick-borne diseases that encompass multiple treatment methods. The type of treatment a patient receives depends on their symptoms and overall health. Georgia’s role is to help support the patient throughout their personalised treatment and care programme.

One of her great joys is being able to give help to Lyme patients, who so often have spent years searching for the right medical help and diagnosis, by giving them the answers they have been looking for and supporting them throughout their treatment journey. It’s that balance of a caring and helpful hand, backed by years of medical experience, that Georgia is here to provide for our patients.

Georgia qualified as a registered general nurse in 1994 and became a qualified nurse prescriber in 2007. She then went on to complete her CBT training at a post graduate level, later becoming a Clinical Manager within the NHS. She spent many years working in Services for Substance Misuse until she moved into Psychiatry in 2017.

Her interest in the field of Lyme and tick-borne diseases developed in 2016, when she came into contact and worked with PANS and PANDAS patients, which she continues to support to this day. PANS and PANDAS are a set of conditions which result in inflammation of the brain, causing a variety of neuro-psychiatric conditions such as OCD, tics and eating disorders.

Because Lyme disease has been identified as one of the many infections capable of triggering PANS and PANDAS, Georgia attended the ILADS conference in Paris in 2017, followed by the ‘Tick Talk’ conference in Ireland in 2018 in order to increase her understanding of tick-borne diseases and their impact on a patient’s health.

From there she went on to connect with Dr Carsten Nicolaus in Germany and Dr Joshua Berkowitz here at the Lyme Disease Clinic in London, becoming a part of the London team in late 2019. Georgia spent time in Germany training at the BCA-clinic, and continues to receive mentorship and training from Dr Nicolaus.

In her spare time, she spends time with her family, takes walks along the coast whenever possible, and enjoys good music, a good dance and enjoying life to its fullest.

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